In-class doodles

Why do my notes always end up like this?

Why do my notes always end up like this?

So it’s finally the end of the semester. Classes that seemed to last forever were coming to a close.
But not before cramming for finals.

I like to think of myself as a pretty good student. I go to class most of the time, I study, and I read the books.
But the other day, I sat down and spread all of my notes around me, ready to use the semester of note taking I did to my full advantage.
I started going through my notes and realized something that was of little help for my exams; all of my notes either were covered in elaborate doodles,
or the notes were doodles themselves.

It turns out I spend most of my class time doodling rather than taking notes, although I did write down what was important.
I have a theory that keeping my brain active by doodling helps me though, it keeps me from dozing off or zoning out in class!




Under the Sea

Under the Sea

The voice in my head always turns Jamaican when I read these words.

My friend recently sent me a picture of a quote from The Little Mermaid that she wanted me to paint. At first, I was honestly dreading it a little because I planned on painting an exact replica of what she wanted. It’s not that the picture was bad, I just wanted to have the freedom to create my own work with it.

So after about 6 total hours, several paint pens, a change of paint-covered clothes, and pressure not to mess up, I finally came up with this.

I had fun making it after all, and I always find myself doodling quotes in typography anyways, so this was just making it larger and more colorful.


Handpainted Paddle

So I joined a sorority.
I never thought I would be one to say that, but I joined one of the service sororities on campus and to be honest,
I love it! The girls are so sweet and doing volunteer work with them shows me their hearts.
Every new pledge got a sister as her “big” and in the basket of gifts we gave them,
we were required to paint them a paddle for the sorority.

Here is the paddle I painted for my big,
I wish I had a completed picture of the pirate ship side,
But here is what I was able to capture before giving it to her!
The Greek letters represent the Delta Chi chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma, and her pledge class Alpha Kappa.



Well, we are the pirates of ECU!

My highschool passion

Back in high school, I was really passionate fashion photography and believed I wanted to pursue it as a career.
I played around with it a little, and absolutely loved it.
Looking back through them, I sincerely wish I had pursued it.
Hopefully working as a fashion journalist will bring an opportunity to get re-involved.
Here’s a few samples of some photos I took of my friend Elizabeth,

Elizabeth Elizabeth

Condom Couture at ECU

Earlier this year, I was accepted into the very first “candidate program” of ECU’s student newspaper. So basically, I was a baby pledge (but they were nice, don’t worry). After a full semester of interning for this organization and really learning the ropes of journalism, I was recently hired as the fashion writer for my university’s newspaper, The East Carolinian.

I am so honored that I was chosen to take the reigns of the fashion beat. After reflecting on my goals a little, I realized fashion was the reason I applied to be a fashion journalist!

What makes this even more special to me is that I was told my grandmother, who attended East Carolina University in the 60s, was also a writer for the very same newspaper! I am carrying on the family legend, and there I was thinking I had nothing in common with any of my family.

In celebration of landing the job I wanted originally, I am sharing with you all my first fashion article that I have written. Enjoy and happy reading!

Condom Couture
Students show there is more than one way to wear a condom at ECU’s upcoming Condom Fashion Show.

East Carolina University will host its first Condom Fashion Show on Dec. 2nd to raise awareness about safe sex practices and AIDS for World AIDS Day. The fashion show will be held in room 244 of the Mendenhall Student Center at 5:30 p.m. as the finale of a three part passport event for World AIDS Day, which is Dec. 1st.

“We thought a fashion show was a fun and unique way to represent HIV/AIDS and the battle that we are facing,” said Shane Stephens, the assistant director for Campus Recreation and Wellness.

Stephens, who helped coordinate the event, was first exposed to the idea of a Condom Fashion Show as an undergrad at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville. She hopes the show will turn into a big event and would like to see it become an annual event as interest grows and people become more aware of the growing AIDS epidemic.

“I thought it would be kind of cool to bring it here since it’s never been done before” said Stephens. “It’s a fun and interesting way to grab students’ attention.”

Students will show off elaborate handmade garments made of condoms or dressing up their fashionable outfits with condom accessories created by several student organizations on campus. The condoms have been provided to the students through Campus Wellness and Student Health.

The submissions include costumes made by the Healthy Pirates, Student Health, Campus Recreation and Wellness, and the LGBT Resource Office as well as a few individuals from the Wellness Living Learning Community.

Lindsey Smith, a sophomore double majoring in health service management and business marketing, likes the idea of wearing condoms and thinks it is a great way to get information out. She said people may walk in expecting just a fun show, but will walk away with a least one bit of information they didn’t know before.

After putting in about 35 hours of work, she will present a hand-sewn floor length gown for the show made of 200 to 300 condoms. She plans to use more to create accessories such as rings, earrings, and bracelets.

“It’s a lot more work than I expected,” said Smith. “I’ve had to lay the condoms out overnight so they can dry it because they have lube in them. It’s hard to sew when your fingers are all lubed up.”

Kamaria Eddy, a senior majoring in fashion merchandising, is an advocate for the LGBT community and has created a bohemian inspired costume with a condom top and a flowing skirt to enter into the show.

Eddy said she thinks the fashion show is a fun and different idea to generate more awareness on AIDS as well as the LGBT community and believes that an over-the-top event like wearing condoms will resonate in the minds of those who see it.

“I want the younger freshman to come out because they just entered college and may need more education on sexual health,” said Eddy. “Even as a senior, we forget the dangers that surround us when it comes to sex. There can never be enough education on safe sex.”

At the show, two speakers from Greenville will share the impact being HIV positive has made on their lives and several educational videos will be shown. At the end of the fashion show, ECU’s modeling troupe DCMA will put on a combined performance of dancing and modeling.

Campus Wellness will also have several educational tables and free giveaways including t-shirts and buttons in the MSC lobby from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free HIV/AIDS testing will also be provided in the basement of MSC during this time.

The events are free admission to all, and will be passport events for COAD 1000 students.

*Note: The photo shown above is not mine, but take a look at the original picture ! This article can also be found on TEC’s website.

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Whip cancer in the face!

One of my sorority sisters asked me to make her a flyer for an event, and after drawing up an idea on paper, I decided to try making it on the computer.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any fancy programs like Photoshop (which I have no clue how to work anyways) so I used the good ole’ fashioned program paint.

Here is my first attempt at electronically doodling!


My first graphic design

My first graphic design